Monday, August 5, 2013

What Georgia and I saw at 35,000 feet

Last week we flew to the Pacific Northwest to visit family. Over the Rockies, I noticed these lovely clouds outside my exit window seat, number 27 A. Like flattened meringues piped from a pastry bag, they were rounded and uniform. I could see the corresponding cloud shadows below.

It reminded me of one of Georgia O'Keeffe's great pieces "Sky Over Clouds IV".  It is a huge canvas- as big as a garage door, or more. It resides over a stunning stairway in Chicago's art institute. Of this work, Georgia said "Not my best and not my worst." It is one of my favorite O'Keeffes. She must have liked clouds, too.

Here's a colored pencil sketch of my own, the very clouds I saw, and a shot of Georgia's work taken on one of my recent trips to the Institute.

Sky Over Clouds IV @ the Art Institute.

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