Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

What's in season?

Life flies by like a shooting star through an inky night sky...

On this warm August afternoon, I am trying to keep to my "to do'" list, one being update my website! I caught up my content and decided to check out my neglected blog. Such a great place to write long, wax poetic, record observations, and share inspirations. I miss it. I'm re-dedicating to twice a week offerings, to see if posting adds to my production. The more mindful of belonging to a community of bloggers and readers, artists and learners, book lovers and creators, illustrators and writers, the more I may produce. At least I will once again have a more detailed record of my studio time. We shall see how this goes.

Back to the drawing board, today I am changing a summer scene into a fall one for a client who has a seasonal advertisement I update. It occurs to me that I like to illustrate subjects in nature best when they are currently in season. Being able to pick a coloring leaf or ripened blackberry to study makes the drawing more vibrant. Like eating fruit and veg during its real growing season just tastes better (we just had our first Iowa corn fest last night and the flavor was astounding). Not always is this practical- I've illustrated many a summer prairie for a deadline in January!- but when I can, it feels nice.


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