Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Observations on a walk through Hickory Hill Park while trying to unjam my creative block

1. Dragonflies riding the thermals
2. Woman on run
3. House cat with fresh bunny in mouth (or, did it really not have a tail? and therefore, 3. Small bobcat transferring kit somewhere)
4. Ripe mulberries and wild grapes
5. Forming wild rose hips
6. Dark colored butterfly with blue trim (must look up)
7. Deer, raccoon and dog prints by the creek bed
8. Neighbor on a cell phone, with speaker on
9. Kids in the creek looking at stuff
10. black beetle with long probiscus


Jennifer Black Reinhardt said...

It's a weevil! I love that name, and I love your drawing, and I love your observations!xo

Claudia said...

(weevil weevil weevil)- thanks Jen!

Julie Clay Illustration said...

All those things sound quite exotic! Dragonflies yes, we have had lots this lovely warm summer, butterflies too, and I like your weevil illo, :) I had creative block early summer, but it's lifting with the help of some work to do :)

Julia Kelly said...

Oh, I've seen the cat get the bunny thing too! Love the bug!

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