Friday, March 29, 2013

The Colors of Paris

To celebrate a recent significant birthday, my family and I visted Paris for a week. So many colors, so many is a sampling.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Tea, the Artist's best friend

Dan gave me a BIG new book for Christmas called "Audubon's Aviary".  It was published to celebrate the acquisition of some Audubon originals by the New York Historical Society. I've just learned there is to be a three part exhibit on these grand pieces. Of course I want to see them in person. Meanwhile, I will be content pouring over my oversized coffee table book, full of great anecdotes and insights relating to each reproduction.

One plate had an intriguing explanation of a stain visible in the upper right hand corner of "Northern Mockingbird".  Many stains apparently are found on JJA's works, and some confirm that he was indeed a tea drinker! I had to laugh at this as I know that Dan has sometimes come down while I'm at my drawing board and is appalled that my full cup of tea is perched precariously close by my work-in-progress! I hardly ever have spills and drinking tea such an intergral part of working, I don't consciously think about the possible dire consequences. One assumes, this is how Audubon worked, too. I felt a special kinship to the fellow bird artist when I read this.

Cheers! And here's the link to the exhibit:
"Northern Mockingbird"- see the stain in the upper right corner?

Many on JJA's work have been identified as tea stains.

Yikes! Put your tea cup on a coaster!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Asia and Whinny

Our Macbride Raptor Center has two eastern screech owls, one red morph and one gray. Of course we always view them during the day, and they sit glued together, dozing and winking. I wish they were able to enjoy the winter skies.

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