Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tale of an afternoon in the studio

Our nearby woods offers joy and inspiration most of the time, but occasionally I see nature the way I wished I didn't have to- birds lost of storms, an injured deer, that pitiful bit of rabbit remnant...

Today a cat, who shall remain anon, brought a small rabbit to the studio door. Really, the cat was more curious than hungry, as the bunny lippet-ied around her. It would have been quite a large meal, so I'm not sure it was intended as lunch. After securing the feline inside, I scooped up the bunny. Unharmed and docile, it let me carry it up to the hinterlands of our woodlands in my hand.  I deposited it in a safer (let's hope) locale.

I know it was just a dime-a-dozen rabbit, but up close, it was so extraordinary. Striking eye markings, soft mottled fur, blinky brown eyes. Very beguiling at this age.

I thought about Beatirx Potter and the tame Peter she kept in her Victorian nursery. As her pet, she sketched him at her leisure. Hmm, bunny in the studio?  Not a practical thing for me at the moment, but I did make this little pencil drawing directly after release. Beauty in small, simple furry package.


Julie Clay Illustration said...

Oh my goodness, the tales I hear about those naughty puddy tats, they bring all sorts as gifts! Glad I don't have one actually, especially after hearing about the mice hidden under sofas that smell like fish?? But that sweet bunny is way bigger than a mouse!! although it looks small in your hand still, cute, hope it's gone on ok now? :)

Claudia said...

Bunny seem to have survived and no new gifts as of late. Yes, having a cat who loves to hunt is a moral dilemma for a nature lover! I am sometimes glad it is winter when all our puddy wants to do is sleep indoors..!

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