Monday, June 15, 2015

My Wilderness takes a tour!

If you're in Seattle or around the Anchorage area, please stop by one of the venues listed below. I'd love to meet you!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Growing books

Crazy summer days... not my favorite studio time. I'm distracted by my garden and the in-and-out vacation schedules. But work continues to flow and deadlines get accomplished along with staking up iris and sowing sunflowers and seeing new places and connecting with family.

Sometimes, publishing timing gets a little crazy, too. I have one book I'm currently promoting (My Wilderness, An Alaska Adventure/ Sasquatch), one book at the printers (North Woods Girl/ by Aimée Bissonette, Minnesota Historic Society Press) but poised for fall release, and another book (Creekfinding/ by Jackie Briggs Martin, University of Minnesota) to work on. That's three book-kids that need different sorts of attention any given day!

North Woods Girl is pretty quiet right now. What's done is done, on my part.  I can't wait for people to see and read it. The subject is lovingly written and demonstrates the bonding power of nature, a continual theme through my own art work. I'm proud of this one.

Creekfinding is in the early stages of sketching. Such a heady time, as I try and express this fine story  of environmental restoration through my illustration. At sketch stage, I often feel lost and agitated, then suddenly seeing the light and having the pages start to feel cohesive. It is both exciting and frustrating, as most creative processes feel.

My Wilderness continues to journey forth. I'll be visiting the Seattle area and Alaska later this month and do some signings and readings. It's nice to see Rocky's story being appreciated.

And so, on this sunny June day, sometimes by combining my passions, by illustrating out on the screened-in porch (nearly in the garden!), with a quick breaks pulling weeds, everything gets done eventually!

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