Monday, October 15, 2012

How to scratch a magpie


Big news from the studio! A short demonstration video has been produced, giving you a glimpse of my process at the drawing board. I'll post it permanently later on the side later, but for now...

Thank you Charlie, father-in-law extraordinaire, for perfect lighting, all around camera and production expertise and shared enthusiasm for art and birds, angry or otherwise. Please visit his website of stunning photography.
(Magpie, number 14)


Jennifer Black Reinhardt said...

Oh this is spectacular!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxxo

Claudia said...

Thanks you! It was fun- if only they all took three minutes to complete!

Anonymous said...

Great Scott!!! What a FABULOUS video! My face is still frozen in a smile - thanks for the extra crows' feet!! (Pun intended!) It was wonderful to see your splendid magpie emerge, with your spotted orange cuff darting around and the jaunty music keeping pace. You and Opa rock!

Love and hugs,


Geneviève said...

C'est joyeux, beau et intéressant !

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