Monday, October 1, 2012

A Bird a Day

It's October! Trees are aflame here in the midwest and cooler, sweater wearing temperatures have arrived. Animals, including humans, are sensing the change and general down-shift in nature. After our extremely hot summer, this seasonal time of pause is most appreciated.

Lots of birds are already on the move in their annual migrations. I look forward to, and yet always feel a bit sad, when I see my first goosy "V" in the air. What an incredible feat, those winging over vast distances above land and water to reach their winter homes.

All this bird flight inspired me to start my first personal illustration challenge, a creative migration so to speak. No secret that I love to draw birds, so I thought for the month of October I'd post a bird a day. Don't know if I'll be "birded out" by Halloween, but I'm game to see how a daily assignment feels. Okay, let the tweets begin! Check in with suggestions of favorite birds!


Julie Clay Illustration said...

Oooh this sounds exciting, do you tell us what the birdie is? it looks a bit like a dark eyed junko?name like that or something, I've seen similar on 'the tiny aviary' blog? we don't have that bird here!! I'd join you in your challenge, but it's scary :) Blackbird might be easy to do, vermillion flycatcher??

Claudia said...

It is a Junco! So many juncos...we have dark eyed (like this one). I love one with "slate" in its name, and also the Oregon.

Blackbird good. Vermillion flycatcher- had to look him up. Pretty! Little tyrants...are these are the kind that nail their insect victims to thorns in trees to eat later?

Thanks for the comments! It will help me fluff my archive.

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