Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blackberry fall

Number six. Crow and blackberry leaves.


Anonymous said...

Hey Claudia! Love your bird-a-day personal assignment! Each feathered friend is rich with color, texture and personality. I smiled as I scrolled through their beautiful portraits just now. :)

...Here's a dare...squirrel-a-week..easily done from your sharp memory, accessing your own colorful gallery of furry personalities that have warmed your heart over these Iowa years.

Love you,


Julie Clay Illustration said...

Love this,it captures the essence of the bird so well! Are these easy to do, b'cos you're doing them quick and so well. :)

kevan atteberry said...

This is soooo lovely!

Claudia said...

Thanks Julie and Kevan, both illustrators extraordinaire yourselves. This sized illo takes me about half a day to scratch, once I sketch the composition out, then probably another half day to scan and watercolor.

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