Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A thoughtful host

I'm reading a collection of Vincent Van Gogh's letters to friends and family (mainly those to Theo). I learned Van Gogh created his famous sunflower paintings to decorate the guest room, in anticipation of Paul Gaugain's visit. We know Van Gogh was an intense individual and tragically unbalanced, but the pleasure he seems to have taken in making Gaugain's room cozy and bright touched my heart.

Here's a sunflower to warm this cyber space in welcome.


Julie Clay Illustration said...

Beautiful sunflower, you have such a lovely way with this technique. Those letters will be intriguing I'm sure, fascinating man. I'm on the brink of ordering my first scraper board, you inspire me to have a go. :)

Claudia said...

Yes! Yes! Give it a scratch! I've been enjoying discovering some of your British printmakers recently (living and gone). Engravers and woodcutters works are informative to scratchboarders. I especially like the work of Angie Lewin.

Julie Clay Illustration said...

Oh yes Angie Lewins work is lovely, I have a book of hers and her sketches etc are fab, it's lovely to see the woodcuts etc too, the size of some is amazing! I didn't order my scratchboard, boo hoo. I've had lots of art materials to order as I've run out of paper and pastel card it came to £80 plus so the £10 scraper board has to wait til next time :( If I see some on my travels I will buy a sheet, not so many art material shops about now unfortunately. The £10 bought a pack, not just 1 sheet. May have another book to do also, so that will keep me busy for a while.

Claudia said...

I know! Art and book shops not as plentiful. Sad. My two favorite kinds of shops, now endangered. Do you know Green and Stone in Chealsea? Love this one.

I'm going to treat myself to Lewin's book soon!

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