Monday, February 4, 2013

Bearing Good News!

As a child, reading picture books by Margaret Wise Brown paved part of the road to my eventual involvement in children’s book illustration. Even today, when I look at my old and worn copy of The Whispering Rabbit, it’s like looking at a dear, familiar friend. The illustrators paired with MWB's words are some of my favorites still: Leonard Weisgard, Garth Williams, Alice and Martin Provensen… 

And now I have another illustrator’s work to add to this favorite list. Fellow blogger Julie Clay has a new book out, written by MWB, just recently published in the UK (Parragon). Sleep Tight, Sleepy Bears is such a classic picture book.  Julie’s bears are full of expression, and endearingly rendered, the simple text in perfect accompaniment.  I share below one of the dearest illustrations from the book that has quite a soporific effect on me! 

Congratulations Julie!  You’ve made a lovely addition to the world of picture books. 


Julie Clay Illustration said...

Oh gosh, thank-you, that is so lovely, you have bought my book, Wow, we had a laugh trying to do those poses of yawning, and we were all yawning here! I had a shock when I scrolled down my reading list and saw my image there, thank-you :)))Did you see my comment on your tater printinting?

Claudia said...

You're so welcome- it's a wonderful book and I am sure it will elicit many a good night sleepy time for little readers.

I owe you big time. I absolutely LOVE Julia Burns work and website. It has REALLY got me thinking. I've dabbled in simple printing methods all my life (never had the discipline for letter presses and such). I've been needing something new lately and I am planning more potato prints. It is attractive to make originals. I've always been limited to prints only with scratchboard. The Red Hen site makes me think of the possibilities... a North American Midwest Prairie version at least. So now, how to see an idea and make it my own....stay tuned and thank you for your continual inpspiration, through your own work and those of others! One day, I hope you and I will have a cup of tea together, on one side of the ocean or the other!

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