Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Snowy Day and a bowl of potatoes

A snow day for our daughter yesterday meant the studio was closed for usual business. An artsy opportunity to spend some time with Lucy lead to making potato prints with her. I'll post our communal results later next month!

I've been researching sandhill cranes a bit lately, and love their gangly forms. Here's a couple of poses in flight, rendered in potato- a delightful medium!

There is some technique to this. I use a combination of paring knife and x-acto blades to whittle the potato (a great big Baker used here!) I carved around an initial sketch, excavating around the outline. Best to use real printer's ink and brayers to smooth the ink onto the surface. Also find your smoothest toothed watercolor paper for the actual print-making. The potato's starchy make-up creates interesting surface textures. One potato, two potatoes, three cranes, four...


Jennifer Black Reinhardt said...

I can't believe you captured that bird so beautifully in a potato! They always look like they're half-dropping out of the air, just like that. And so lovely that you had such a warm and memorable day with Lucy! Beautiful!!!!

Julie Clay Illustration said...

You have done a fabulous job here Claudia, it reminded me of an artist in North Yorks, check her out, she's called Julia Burns at Red Hen Originals, I had to look her up when I saw your prints, she stopped painting expensive artworks and potato prints lots of birds, her hens are great, more affordable art, and you are obviously a natural. It makes me want to have a go, I'm a sucker for anything print. Thanks for showing us!! :) Hope you find her.?

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