Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Picture Book Trailer!

A new short video to share, three weeks before "My Wilderness, An Alaskan Adventure" comes out.

I love the look of so many picture book trailers, my favorites being short and sweet and not too highly animated.  I worked with my tech-genious father-in-law Charlie, who patiently converted my storyboard plans into reality. We made lots of edits and did the whole Ken Burns thing on my little illustrations! The background music choice was important, too. One of the characters in the picture book (Rockwell Kent, father and painter) brought his flute and played it on the island.  I found a Vimeo music store piece with great solo flute that fit the mood I wanted (you can purchase limited copyrights for small buisiness needs) called Arctic City by composer Jonathan Geer. I think it captures what I hope the book does; the mystery, and energy of the setting of this Alaskan wilderness island.

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