Monday, August 18, 2014


Found a hummingbird nest that have blown out of a tree on my walk this morning. 
Such magnificent tiny architecture. So strong yet so comfortable for those 
thimble-sized fledglings. I'm glad I didn't have to construct a house with my mouth for our baby!


Julie Clay Illustration said...

It's so exciting to find a nest, this is treasure indeed, little hummingbirds, sweet. You do have to marvel at it all seeing this, it's like a little private look into someone else's home :) We had a very poorly constructed wood pigeons nest came down on next doors car in bad weather recently, 2 babies died, one was much bigger than the other, the nest was just skimpily strewn twigs, not much more, poor little things. The parents have been going back into the tree, confused I think? sad

Claudia said...

Yes, I can believe this! I think I've actually seen birds grieve. We had a blue jay nest under our deck once. It was wiped out by raccoons one night and even one of the parent birds was killed, we found in the morning. The whole next day the surviving parent sat in the tree next to the deck and called to the lost family.

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