Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Frigid Benefits

Such a frigid winter. Kitty must stay indoors. And she gets bored. And she gets cold. Where is there warmth and attention? Ah yes, the surface of my drawing board! On my sketch pad! Good thing she's not a labrador.


Jennifer Black Reinhardt said...

Oh my! What a helper! Made me giggle, thanks xo

Julie Clay Illustration said...

Nice to see your sketch books on there, I love to see how people work things out. Your cat looks like a lovely distraction though, really sweet. My big black labrador would not fit on my drawing board :0))) He doesn't ever really come upstairs to where I work, just looks up when I appear downstairs to eat or drink, he's a food fiend :)

Claudia said...

Jennifer- I guess Oliver wouldn't fit on your board either (Julie- Oliver is a beautiful white standard poodle!)

Julie- youll have to take a photo of your lab in his stair waiting position!

Yes, if only we could train them to bring us hot drinks and a glass of wine when we need one...!

Julia Kelly said...

I think there was a plop to get you to stop working! My big Newfoundland Lab would curl himself under my drafting table between the support bars!

Jennifer Black Reinhardt said...

Oliver used to have a bed under my taller of two drawing boards. One day, though, while working at the board I dropped a box of jewelry on him. It was louder and scarier than it was painful, but he hasn't been too keen on being there ever since :-(

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