Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Charley Harper's Bird Art

A couple friends introduced me to Charley Harper's work a few years ago. Harper worked as a commericial artist for many years and is known for his unique, exquisite and completely original renderings of wild life, expecially birds. He died in 2007, but his work has been re-popularized by many efforts. And more and more, I am seeing his images, on children's puzzles, calendars and stationery and new collections in books. I was recently at my favorite landscaping and nursery here in Iowa City (Iowa City Landscaping) and they have a line of birdseed and bird feeders with Harper's birds on every package and lable! The commercial artist in me is thrilled more people will know his pieces through this contact. If you buy these, take a good look- such great birdies.


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