Friday, April 17, 2009

A couple weeks ago, our neigborhood hosted a passing fox. I saw him just for an instance crossing our main road. The sun shone on his lovely red coat and I thrilled to see his black "gloves". Neighbor Sarah was priviledged to see him napping under her deck! Neighbor Michelle saw him in her garden later on that afternoon.

I did a little scratchboard of our fox. I scanned my black and white work, then colored the print as usual (bottom fox). But then I decided to watercolor right on the actual scratchboard (something I seldom do) and was happy with being able to "lift" highlights by scratching through to the white chalk layer (top fox, with eye closed). I may do this method more in the future.


Moose said...

We have a fox in our Old Town neighborhood where we live that walks past our homes each day so it was fun to hear about yours! My human mom hopes she does not see the fox with our cat in it's mouth going past the window! Both are great... the top one just looks a little "richer" to me.
Tail Wags,

Claudia said...

I share your Mom's cat concerns- we have one outdoor cat- fox snack-size, too! We keep our kitty in at night, but one never knows...thanks for the comment!

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