Monday, July 23, 2012

Tallgrass Kansas to share and explore

Painting some rock outcroppings 
Red-winged blackbirds can be seen in the flint hills tallgrass

A collared lizard will become part of the program

Tools of the trade...

Preparing for a visit to the Flint Hills Discovery Center (Manhattan, Kansas) this weekend. I'll be giving a children's program there on Saturday, July 28th, at 1:30pm.  I've added to a large mural I travel with, to better represent the tallgrass prairie of the flint hills area. The grasslands I know of Iowa don't have the abundant limestone outcroppings that the tallgrass in Kansas did (and does). The rockiness made it tougher,  less desireable for the european settlers to plow, a blessing for 21st century citizens as much of this tallgrass remains undisturbed because of this. I plan to learn as much as I share!

The kids and I will color and create a multi-foot long prairie of our own. Come and take a peek!

Here's a link to the Flint Hills Discovery Center of Manhattan, Kansas.

 Flint Hills Discovery Center

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