Thursday, July 12, 2012

Birds to help heal

This spring, a local hospital purchased a few of my bird prints. The pediatric ward had been recently re-modeled and the hospital's art consultant wanted to give the space a cheerful, playful decor with a connection to nature. She was familiar with my work and thought a bird focus might work well here.

Each room with assigned a songbird identity. Thus, there is a Blue Jay room, a Chickadee room, A Cedar Waxwing room and a Goldfinch room! Every room has a set of prints of the boy and girl birder from my "Where Do Bird Live?" picture book. There is also a poster sized print of an Iowa wetlands landscape with heron (from the Iowa Nature Calendar), the "Wilson's Orchard" indigo buntings piece and several other miscellaneous bird portraits.

Today, I had a chance to see the work, now framed and hanging in the pediatric wing. It is unique to see so many of my pieces together as a collection. I loved the room identification birds! It's great to see the larger sized wetland piece; the heron is a welcoming, friendly face in one corridor.

It is also satisfying to see my art interacting with the functional aspects of hospital care-giving. My red-winged blackbird is poised right over a fire alarm. This is perfect. He is a good alarmist! All in all, I am honored to be part of this healing place and hope my birds bring some brightness to a child's time there.


Julie Clay Illustration said...

These look fantastic, how wonderful is that to be cheering up young folks with your brilliant art. I love your stylised illustrations, they are so striking and beautiful, you have a lovely way with it. I love the chickadees in particular. I didn't know about these little birds much, until I watched some film on them recently, fascinating.

Jennifer Black Reinhardt said...

How uplifting! Your beautiful work shines in this caring environment. Just beautiful, congratulations, C!!!!!

Claudia said...

Thank you Julie and Jennifer, whose wondeful work travels out into the world to uplift, sooth and heal as well!

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