Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Regard the card!

One of my favorite parts of getting ready for the Eastside Artists show is sorting through a folder of "goofs" I've collected all year; prints that were off-centered, art marked with muddy kitty paw prints [Bad Kitty!], paper flaws, etc. Instead of filling up the recycling bin with them, I work around the blunders and turn these images into greeting cards. I match each piece with lusciously colored envelopes and cut cards to appropriate sizes. Some have rather "creative" gate folds and unusual dimensions to get the best composition, but it's what makes them unique. I then sort them into packages of four, usually themed around a season or location or mood. I call them "Artist's Choice" collections. And though they may seem random, I do think about how I put them together to sum up a whole from many parts. I like reviewing my old work with one eye on that graphic design sense of color and size. And I also like the idea that a goof becomes an opportunity.


Julie Clay Illustration said...

I really like your work Claudia, what medium is the print? Not Lino? Anyway, they look good, love the birds!

Claudia said...

Thanks! I mainly use scratchboard, an impatient person's Lino! I use the British Essdee brand. I just visited your blog; your work is fantastic. Love the new seasonal botanicals.

I see we mutually admire Geninne's work and art. A lover of nature, as well.

Nice to meet you- BTW, my mother is English, grew up in Berkshire. And my husband finished a degree at Leeds a couple years ago. Your part of the UK is so beautiful.

Julie Clay Illustration said...

Thank-you Claudia, I just saw your little following symbol, thanks for the info too, that's something new to try, hooray. I love print techniques. Yorkshire 'Gods own county' Yeah, lots of places are lovely, just need to escape to them:)

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