Saturday, December 3, 2011

Eastside Artist Show- this week!

I'll be again one of the the twenty-two artists at the downtown Iowa City Eastside Artist show this coming weekend.

As I package and price new items, it seems a blink ago I was doing this for last year's gig. Kind of like that movie "Ground Hog's Day", where the characters wake up each day to the repeat of the same day before! Participating in this annual event has a way of warping time.

Please drop by if you're in the neighborhood. I'll be sharing some new art that will be at the show soon.


Jackie Briggs Martin said...

Well, I just commented on your 2009 post so in spite of my red face on that blooper I'm going to repeat it here, that I'm excited about this show and so are my baking friends.

Claudia said...

Dates on blogs- whoever knows! Thanks for sharing the notice with your baking buddies.

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