Friday, March 26, 2010

Obama comes to Iowa

President Obama visited our little burg of Iowa City yesterday and gave a speech on the new health reform. I've never seen a sitting president and was thrilled to snag tickets to go. Great speech and pomp and circumstance. I was still buzzing as I walked back to my car parked downtown when, there was the motorcade with the POTUS inside one muscled-out black Cadillac! He had made a special stop at our own indie book store Prairie Lights and bought----kid's books! The president purchased three children’s books, “Secret of Zoom” and “Journey to the River Sea”. He picked up a “Star Wars” pop-up book for the 6-year-old son of White House press secretary Robert Gibbs. Double Cool if he would have walked out with Tallgrass Prairie Alphabet! In the photo above, a shot of Jan the owner and Obama, you can see an original illustration of mine that hangs in the Prairie Lights entry (above the magazine rack, the coyote!) The closest I'll get on this visit!


Moose said...

That is really really really special! Maybe you could send him a copy of your book with that photo & a note tucked inside....
He has come to Fort Collins several times and has been awesome to say the least.
Tail Wags,

charkstudios said...

Sounds like you had a totally cool time with the Pres!

Thanks for sharing!

Julia Kelly said...

I knew there was a reason I liked him! Buying kids books not only for his own but for others! A President of the United State probably admired your illustration!

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