Monday, March 8, 2010

Eagle Cam

My friend and fellow illustrator Jennifer sent me a link to a great birder site. "Eagle Cam" is set up by Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. It allows you an eagle's eye view of a pair of breeding bald eagles. The camera is mounted just above the nest. You can go online for 15 minute sessions and see what the eagles are up to. Sometimes you are treated to one of the eagle's snacking on a small rodent (dead already, I am glad to say) or maybe a fish. Other times they are building up the nest- with Iowa corn husks, no less!

The best part? Now there are three eggs! So cool to watch these big raptors do such a maternal thing like egg-sitting. Both female and male take turns. I've seen them do the ol' tag-team; one flies in, the sitting bird gives the in-coming bird a slight peck ("Like, what took you so long?") then sitting bird stretches and flies off, while new bird gets comfy, adjusts the nest to his own specs, tucks in the eggs and settles in for a few hours.

You can tune in any time of day- there's an infra-red camera so you can watch at night, too. Where else would you get to see an eagle taking a cat-nap!

Here's the link and a quick sketch I did today.


Moose said...

Thanks for the link! I was lucky enough to see her on the nest, just like in your sketch.... moving sticks around, kinda like rearranging the furniture.
Tail Wags,

Claudia said...

Just like most women I know do,too!

We lost a bunch of our snow today- I hope spring is coming to you, too.

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