Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The call of illustrative nature!

Taking a quick break from the book making today to announce a new local venture. Bird cards, art prints, picture books and other labor-intensive-not-really-profitable-but-from-my-heart type products are now available in a brick and mortar gallery, downtown Iowa City (Urbanity; 511 Iowa Avenue, around the corner from our local Co-op New-Pi.)  Jesting about profit aside, I do like that setting up a small display of wares gives me a chance to explore a cohesive look through my illustration palette, and an overall message the work conveys.

Meanwhile, back to the Nuclear Winter that is Iowa this year. But do stop by Urbanity for an early spring bloom of art!


Julie Clay Illustration said...

That is so exciting to have all that product, all your own on display there! Well done, it all looks wonderful to me, I love the garland and the card with the cat sat looking out at the birdies, it must give you a sense of pride, more so than if something were published I reckon, as you have ownership of it. I hope your cold weather eases soon, has it been very snowy?? this country would have come to a grinding halt with such snow, we are not coping too well with the rain and flooding in the south, and all the mud, yuk! Hope it all goes well with your little shop :)))

Claudia said...

Thanks Julie! I've not been a good blog reader lately and just caught up with yours. Left a comment on the latest post! Glad you are now able to catch your breath, in between jobs. May it be a comfortable, creative time for you! From the looks of your kitchen goods, I think it is.

I recently bought Angie Lewin's book "Plant and Places" and just today looked over it with a cup of coffee and a scone (NOT baked by me!) I love her work and process, too. Nature is a universal inspiration. Your post on her show was so timely, so thank you for this. I love how her work threads together, in palette and theme and it prompts me to look for that in my own body of work.

It is a hard winter for us. We've had snow on the ground since early December (more today) and many below 0°F (so, (minus)-17°C). Too cold for even any winter sports. We are half way there to spring now- must hold on!

Julie Clay Illustration said...

Thank-you for leaving me a comment, glad you liked the Angie Lewin, I overheard someone saying that her work was sort of seen too much and I know it's been copied a lot, but seeing her sketches and woodblocks etc, I thought it showed a very talented person, and I love that her work has been put on many things. I am trying to catch my breath now, trouble is I can't sit still when it comes to new ideas, I want to get going again :) Our winter last year was the worst for many many years, it sounds like you are having the same, although those temperatures are extreme!! If we had those temps I would be hibernating I reckon :) Hope it lets up soon!

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