Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Into Thinner Air

Back on Mt. Picture Book, this week I have made Base Camp II and completed sketches for the first go-round of edits. I'm happy to see it start to form the visual narrative that, up 'till now, has only lived in my head. There are so many ways one can tell a story. At some point, I just have to go with my gut, my first instinct and pencil squiggle, to get it down and out.

As a result of long hours in the chair, combined with sub-zero temperatures and erractic school schedules, my usual exercise routines has become spotty in occurance. I am wider sitting in my studio chair than I wish to be! For Christmas, I received a "Fitbit" activity tracker from my lovably techno-geeky family. These wrist watch-like devices digitally record daily physical activity in steps (or stair climbs or mileage, however you'd like). For me, 10,000 steps is a good number to strive for. My Fitbit lets me know with a happy chirp if I reached this goal. However, since using my Fitbit, I have to admit to reaching 10,000 steps very few of the recorded days. This surprised me. If I get a walk or run in, or do yoga or a video workout, I hit 10,000 usually by early evening. BUT, if I don't, if I just work at my desk a normal work day, I barely break 4,000 by dinner time. Yesterday I looked down at noon, after all morning sitting at the computer and I had not even hit 500 steps! It certainly hit home how sedentary my illustrator job is, even when I thought I was being pretty active. It also sheds light on the "mysterious" extra pounds I've been carrying around this winter:)

My Fitbit has made me mindful. And with this little room to breath in between deadlines, I'll be stepping it up before the next big art push needs to occur. Either that, or I'll be buying a roomier computer chair soon!

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