Friday, May 31, 2013

Just add water

A very wet spring has swollen the local rivers, and our midwest community is poised again to flood. In 2008, so much destruction was caused by powerful water surges. Time and tide have healed many of the locally affected areas, only to perhaps be undone within the next few days. At this point, we wait for news from the hydro-engineers on what to expect, prepare our sand-bagging muscles and pray for clear skies.

Tea is always a comfort. My mom concludes an exchange of any bad news with, "Ah well, go make yourself a cup of tea", and I do and it does make me feel better! And so I gravitate towards my kettle right now.  Recently, I've been visiting my herb bed first, before I make my tea...

Due to all the rain, I have a bumper crop of mint in the garden. My friend Simone showed me how she pours hot water over a good handful of fresh, clean mint, lets it steep for a few minutes and viola! (Simone is French!), a lovely light green hued tea awaits your taste buds. Use a clear glass teapot to really enjoy the tea color the best. Add sugar if you wish. And if you have those little colorful Morrocan teas glasses to pour into, you will feel like you've taken a trip to Fez! At least I feel I've escaped out of the rainy ol' Iowa rain for a bit.


Julie Clay Illustration said...

I love the hint of green you have shown, I have lemon balm that goes crazy in my garden, this also tastes quite nice infused as you say, it's supposed to keep you looking young?? Hasn't worked yet.
I do hope the floods don't happen, we have had similar floods here, fortunately not near me, but they are devastating. Hope the defences work! :)

Claudia said...

Thanks for your thoughts, Julie- flooding reaps havok here, but personally yes, we are thankful our house sits on a hill.

"Infused" is the word I need to add to this post! I will try my lemon balm next. The looking young part would be a definite bonus:)

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