Friday, May 10, 2013

A wish from another era

Victorian calling cards call to me. I can't imagine a time so genteel that one had small cards to announce a visit to a home or business. We are saving lots of trees with our digital age of less paper (at least I hope that is a by-product), but I do so love a paper artifact, a proof of existence, like calling cards once were.

I found this beauty recently at an antique store. The art is actually two dimensional; the colored graphic lifts away to reveal the name underneath. The shop owner pointed out the little saying printed within the bouquet which reads 'Untroubled be thy days". How lovely is that.

So my wish for you on this American Mothering Sunday upcoming comes from another era, but it is still very apt-  be untroubled.


Julie Clay Illustration said...

So Lovely, I am so old I can remember those, :) Not really, they are sweet though, the whole idea is. I hope you have a good weekend, maybe with some pretty flowers. :)

anthemsweet said...

I just came upon your blog. Your words and images are apt and graceful. And about calling cards--lovely little things to hold,to give from hand to hand--what a delight! I'd trade them for the junkmail that regularly stuffs my mailbox.

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