Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Red Fox sited!

If you come to our house (and I hope you will sometime!), a brass fox door-knocker will greet you. Even though there is a door bell, many people (but not all) use the knocker instead. I find my writer and artist friends use it the most-rap rap, rap, they go- I think they like to feel and move and hear things!

I love foxes almost as much as birds. And...

this morning, after only a few days of day-dreaming about my arctic fox, a real red fox was seen in our "neck of the woods" by my neighbor and her daughter! Look close in the photo above. He's a little scrawny guy. Plenty of food for him around this year- he better not pick on our kitties!


Julie Clay Illustration said...

Love those foxes, they do lend themselves to quite a graphic image, although they are beautiful and have that somewhat mystical charm about them, like Hares and owls, all popular subjects at the moment. You've done a good job there!

Julia Kelly said...

Love the fox- the real one and yours! Foxes are special in our house too because one of our daughter is nicknamed "kit" so she is all about foxes!

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