Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Birthday, Vincent

"In a picture, I want to say something comforting"
—Vincent Van Gogh

Miss Sinex, my 6th grade teacher, introduced me to Van Gogh. She brought in this painting- Room in Arles- for us to study. I loved the turquoise floor and the wicker-bottomed chairs. The real one (at least one version) hangs at the Art Institute in Chicago. I give it my regards with every visit. And tip my hat to it's former occupant, who indeed brought forth so much comfort to the whole world through his work.


Julie Clay Illustration said...

I absolutely love your new banner heading Claudia, like the post as well. I keep trying to click on the scratch board link thing at the side, but nothing happens? I got myself 2 of the dark derwent art bars, to try the scratching technique with them?? Every time I look at your blog I feel the urge to try this technique, but you do it so well, I'm sure there's a way of thinking goes into it? Keep up the lovely work!

Claudia said...

Hi Julie! A delayed response here- I'm dipping in and out of studio-land as spring gardening and family events are in full competition right now.

Sorry about my non-existant scratchboard tutorial button. I planned it with good intentions! I just need one of my family members to film me while I scratch and chat! I'll let you know when it gets done- it's actually on my list to do soon, before I go to a conference in a couple weeks.

As far as technique, it's all self-taught from observation. I look at a lot of wood-engravers and print-makers for ideas on marks and finishes (one of your country-women, Clare Leighton {deceased, I believe}, is a big favorite), to make my pieces look more wood-cut like. Let me know when you try it!

Jackie Briggs Martin said...

Claudia--I bought a post card of this painting when I was at the Art Institute in March. I love it. And I'm thinking I read that he painted it so his brother Theo would be comfortable at Arles.

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