Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Roadside Florist

In my Mom and Dad's neighborhood in Vancouver, Washington, there is a gardener who runs a little roadside cut-flower cart. It is self-serve. The cart has about 20 small "wells" cut out of the top. Each well holds one or two exquisitely formed dahlias or zinnias, all in bridemaid's dress colors. 25 cents a flower. There is a little slot where you slip in your money after selection. I got my mom a beautiful bouquet (she has dahlias herself but doesn't like to cut them), wiping out most of the day's stock. The next morning, I noticed the cart was replenished with all new blooms again. I did not see anything of the proprietor, but the business was Old World Charm to the core.


Candace Trew Camling said...

wow! I love that! Maybe someday my garden will be big enough to make a self serve cart! Pretty pretty!

Claudia said...

Hey there- are you done with your books? Can't wait to see'um!

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