Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cicada Love

Cicada Love

Cicadas in the summer trees
Possess a choral expertise.
Tummy muscles trill in song,
all day long.

Armored body, jerky gait,
eyes that seem to contemplate.
See-through wings and legs askew,
you shed a skin,
And now you’re new!

You are searching for a wife,
to share your leafy insect life.

Prehistoric wonder bug,
Could another love your mug?

Good luck out there,
With Cupid’s call
and may you find your one and all.
I have one fear, I must confess
Please, do not fly up my dress.


Anonymous said...

Cicadas are the first bug I learned to be unafraid of. I learned to accept the fact that 7th grade boys were going to try to put one down my blouse.

Claudia said...

Ha ha! I do appreciate the Cicada but I have learned to be very still and "zen" around them, too!

Charlie said...

I love it, Claudia. Cicada's are among my favorite people.

Gisela said...

so süß

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