Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Postcard of the week...

A friend recently mailed me a beautiful watercolor greeting card. I will eventually frame it, but for the time being, it brought me daily inspiration displayed right by my computer. I featured it on my "postcard of the week" bulletin board. I bought a cheap, very small (8 x11) cork board where I highlight one happened-upon visual every week or so. I'm inspired by many wonderful images that pass before me, it's nice to concentrate on one. I have a big bulletin board where I post a lot of things, but this tends to collage together, with no single focal point. With my wee little bulletin board, I can look over and get a respit from the screen with whatever piece of art is currently on display- a tiny British vintage poster, a postcard from my favorite museum, a friend's original watercolor...it's changeable, personal eye candy.

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