Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fresh Eyre

I saw the film Jane Eyre last night- a spooky re-telling well worth seeing on Big Screen. The location and windswept landscapes are stunning. The actors bring the book characters to life (although Rochester will always infuriate me, no matter what form he takes.) But personally, the real eye candy is the costuming, from the ragged orphan girl's school wear (authentically grimed out), the everyday Governess dresses (think somber Cath Kidson print!) to an amazing fashion-of-the-century wedding gown. The costume designer Michael O' Connor did a brilliant job. What really caught my eye, and I have friend Michelle's passion of knitting to thank for my awareness, are the gorgeous knit shawls worn by a couple main characters. Here's one capture from the film (I hope the Copyright Gods will forgive me) above. Isn't the above shawl so beautifully contrasted to the smooth dress fabric underneath? Love it.

It's cool to see knitting associated with literature, even if it may be a Hollywood/BBC version. My friend Michelle Edward's new book The Knitter's Home Companion, also makes connections in a literary way. Check it out! Then go see Jane Erye and be transported.

Here's Michelle's site and a site that offers the pattern for the Jane Eyre shawl:


Invisible Loom said...

Hi Claudia, Thank you so much for linking to "Jane's Shawl for the Loom." There is also a version for needle knitters, "Jane's Shawl for Needles".
Invisible Loom and Craft

Claudia said...

Thanks for your work, too- it's so nice to easily reference each other's sites.

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