Monday, February 28, 2011

Red Balloon Window Dressing

Last Friday, I painted the ten-foot high window at the Red Balloon Children's bookshop in St Paul, Minnesota. I found out painting a big window is quite a departure from making my usual small scratchboard illustrations. The window is taller than it looks when you're up on a ladder. Then try balancing on a scaffolding littered with paint trays and drawings and bottles. Good thing I have some foundation in yoga for the trickier moves, plus it helped to visualize being part mountain goat. I finished in the early afternoon; tree and bird design looked quite happy. People commented that it reminded them that spring is coming. What was really cool was the shadow the painting cast on the carpet, as the sun shone through. Thank you Red Balloon! It was wonderful to be with you on a chilly day in late winter.

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Library Jewel said...

It does remind me of spring, Claudia, especially on this first day of spring that does not feel spring-like. Thanks for brightening the bookshop and sharing your story about the painting.

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