Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bus Stop

I loved riding the school bus when I was a kid. The adventures we neighborhood dwellers would pack into that 5-10 minute wait. There was also the delicious tension of flying out the door a little late, not knowing if you would catch it! I don't know when bus routes for school got so limited, but as I drop our daughter off at her elementary, there is a true traffic jam of cars all doing the same. The mini-vans are lined up like a family of pachyderms, ejecting their load of passengers one by one. There are few dedicated walkers or bike riders to school. Gone are the days of multiple buses, and most of our kids will miss out on those few minutes of high jinx, writing their names (or stamping a "footprint" with the heel of their hand) on a steamy window, making faces at passing cars, enjoying their first communal commute.

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