Saturday, October 2, 2010

It starts with a line

Today while shopping at our Iowa City Co-Op, I was unexpectedly confronted with my own artwork in the dairy aisle! Earlier this year, I worked with two very talented friends, writer Melinda Pradarelli and Designer Shannon Heiman, on a whole series of new labels for dairy products from Kalona Organics (a company of great integrity based in Kalona, Iowa, not far from Iowa City). Shannon and Melinda had a concept of loose line illustrations that would serve as a simple accompaniment to KO's quality products. Foregoing my scratchboard for a technical pen, I drew with abandon lively drawings of spoons, bowls, drink glasses, fruits and leaves...the labels were to look fresh, with a bit of retro in feeling. A lovely choice of nostaligic bottle shapes and Shannon's keen sense of design and color went into each look. Melinda's word-magic steered the whole campaign. The results can be found NATIONALLY in the dairy section of your favorite grocery store soon. And when you go to buy their yummy yogurt, you can say, "Hey, I know who drew that peach!"


Candace Trew Camling said...

wowsers! I love simple drawings like that... and I think sometimes simplicity is mistaken for easiness!

Congratulations, they look wonderful!

Jennifer Black Reinhardt said...

Wow, Claudia, I love the fresh look of these! Brilliant! Not only is the arwork and design fabulous, but the name???? Super Natural---- is genius!

Claudia said...

Thanks guys! I take credit for the drawing- I agree, simplicity is not easy, but it takes mucho less time than scratchboard! But nope, someone else came up with "Super Natural" line, my friend and writer Melinda.

Lesley said...

Hi Claudia! I spied your art in the organic yogurt section at the 1st Avenue HyVee today. I wanted to tell everyone in the aisle, "I know the girl who drew these lines!" But I didn't.

Hope you are outside enjoying this amazing weather. I am loving your blog! Finally a blog worth reading.

xo Lesley

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