Thursday, May 28, 2015

Heavenly Picnic

Rochester Cemetery

One recent sunny May morning, 
at the Rochester Cemetery, Cedar County, Iowa, 
just me and three good friends, a variety of native prairie and
 oak savannah plants, 
a few very old Iowans, 
a picnic, a million gnats, bird call,
and Enchantment.

Earth to earth

Pushing up, well, you know...

wild geranium

A rare lovely

Find out this one's name!! Camo-moth...

My Elysium

To the picnic spot

Cemetery salad (a spinach, snap peas, avocado, red pepper, roasted pecan nut conglomeration),
Heavenly Olive Bread, Rhubarb pie, Prosecco...

Pie with Dairy Queen, eaten in the CRV to escape the bugs! (coffee too; it was cozy!)

Three friends- Jackie Martin, Me and Anne Ylvisaker

So long, good-bye

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Unknown said...

Oh my goodness! This “Heavenly Picnic” was truly amazing. For me the food was the best part from this picnic. I am also thinking to host a family party soon at some domestic event space San Francisco. I would prefer Italian cuisines for this party.

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