Monday, May 19, 2014

On Top of Mt. Picture Book

I'm in the last stages of sending in final art for "My Wilderness". It was a long ascent. I was overly optimistic about my arrival. But the climb was steep to begin with, I knew this! Now I'm enjoying the view. A few more pre-production steps to take, and I'll be finished.

As anyone experiences, the descent of a big project can be tricky, too. With no new work, one can feel lost in the crevasses. With too much work waiting, one can still feel oxygen-deprived. The key may be to have a little of both. I need to feel lost for awhile but I also look forward to the next project in the wings. Always the fine balance on the mountain.


Julie Clay Illustration said...

How many illustrations altogether then? I have a new appreciation of book illustrators since doing this. It is quite a challenge, but then it is rewarding! Hope you get to dance around on top of the mountain for a little while :)

Claudia said...

HI Julie- ohh, probably about 50-55 individual scans. There's four true full spreads and lots of half pages and vignettes up the ying-yang. I'm scanning all my work for the House instead of sending originals, which is new to me. And time consuming on a small scanner. Books are labors of love, aren't they? So nice, the final product though. Thanks for your wishes. Soon I will full out Happy dance. I've gotten a few little jigs in already!

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