Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Painted Lady

Painting the last steps to the top. It starts out a very civilized process, with clean blotters, clear water, a glass of white wine, mellow evening sunshine, jazz in the background. It soon deteriorates to back-to-back coffee cups, muddled papers, the glare of incandescence, irritating npr hosts...It'll get done, but not before some ochre and crimson gets shed.

In the beginning....

and during.


Julie Clay Illustration said...

Oh yes that first photo looks very civilised, it does look good by the way (love the doodle squiggle squirrel) and I can fair feel the pressure in the second photo :) bet it all is amazing.

Claudia said...

I know you know about the second photo! The board chaos has only grown since my last post, but more is done, too:) Looking forward to catching up on my blog roll soon and seeing what you are up to!

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