Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Spring preview at Urbanity

I'll have a few new spring things at Urbanity in Iowa City this Friday, March 7, on the gallery walk. Birdies on twiggy wreaths, framed robin art, cards and prints. Join us between 5pm to 8pm! Friends Tom Langdon (photography), Kay Irelan (painting), and Kathy Hayslett (jewelry) will have new work as well.

Urbanity, for those not local is located at 511 Iowa Avenue, Iowa City, Iowa; the Midwest; United States; North America, Western Hemisphere; Earth; The Milky Way Solar System; The Universe!

(I think I may have liked "Gravity" too much!)


Jennifer Cahill said...

Good luck with the spring preview tonight! Love the little birdie grape vine wreaths!

Julia Kelly said...

Very good directions....wish I was closer to come see!

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