Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy 2014!

January started off bright and white this year. Ever so cold though. This pic was taken during a woods walk on one of our recent more "balmier" days of about 35°! But anyway, good days to be at the drawing board all snug and warm.

I've some exciting projects on the drawing board right now and big fresh New Year ideas floating around in my mind.  Plans to have a small, brick and mortar retail space locally here are in the works and I hope to expand my Etsy art shop offerings as well.  Please visit my Facebook page and say hi, as I tend to be more spontaneous with postings there. And, one day, I should make a website...

I wish you all creative and enriching and satisfying endeavors for 2014 and the health and focus to complete them!

Hickory Hill, in Iowa City, Iowa


Julie Clay Illustration said...

Happy 2014 to you too Claudia. It sounds like yours is going to be exciting! A shop....whoooweee, how good is that. I keep seeing all this snow over there, it looks nice, but it's quite warm here, if wet!!! Think I'll stick with that for now :) I really must get some scraper board, your work is lovely and inspiring :)

Claudia said...

Hi Julie! I would take warm and wet over sub-zero and arctic right now! It really is no fun.

I'll be renting a small area of a larger shop to sell cards and stuff, so not very grand but a nice place to think about and display identity. Go get some scaper board!

Julia Kelly said...

Happy New Year, Claudia! Sounds like exciting plans for 2014! Colorado is bommy compared to the Midwest right now, hope you stay warm!

Claudia said...

Thanks Julia- happy New Year to you!

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