Friday, October 11, 2013

The Studio en plein air

A few days a year, I get to take my studio outside. Yesterday was Autumn perfect. The river birch tree is turning; I set up right under it and scratched at a squirrel illustration. The cats found me. One of them wedged herself between my back and the back of the chair.  It was me and the radio and a cup of tea and a warm afternoon and doing what I love to do.


Julie Clay Illustration said...

That looks so peaceful and such a nice thing to do. Love the finished art. Those oak leaves look somewhat different to our native oak, it's great how you portray such things. The garden looks lovely too,(Cat to keep you warm, cute) I doubt I will get the chance to sit out now, the weather has turned quite cold all of a sudden.
I have found myself a (very cheap) piece of scratchboard, it has a printed image on of a bunny, and is silver underneath instead of white, but it will let me have a go, I shall post my result on the blog.
I could see your style working with patterns, like those on the 'Mirdinara' blog, I think that's what she is called?? and working on ceramics?? I love your work :)

Claudia said...

Hi Julie! We have a variety of oaks here; the one I used with this squirrel piece is a burr oak, an Iowa native. They are kind of upside down leaves, with the lobes wider at the top. And fuzzy, skirted acorns- you can hardly see the nut!

It is unseasonally warm here, but will dip down next week. Maybe I'll get one more day outside. I like it being sweater weather, but still sunny.

I've used the metallic scratchboard- it's exciting! Will lok for your piece soon! WIll also look up Mirdinara. I find mysel being drawn to more graphic shapes and patterns now.

Have a good weekend. It is bedtime on our side of the world. Nightie night!

Julia Kelly said...

Nice! Love that the cats come find you wherever you are! My two labs do that and have to climb over them to get out of chair! Are the colors changing yet in the Midwest- it still looks so green around you?

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