Friday, March 1, 2013

Asia and Whinny

Our Macbride Raptor Center has two eastern screech owls, one red morph and one gray. Of course we always view them during the day, and they sit glued together, dozing and winking. I wish they were able to enjoy the winter skies.


AmyOuchley said...

I love this pair. I got to see a pair at the Milford Nature Center in Junction City, Kansas on one of the NIA Region 6 fieldtrips. Also we saw a great horned owl on the next and a bald eagle on the nest. It was a great day of birding on the Flint Hills. I thought your keynote address was the perfect beginning to the conference. Inspiring. Your donated prints went for a bundle at the auction. Loved meeting you.

Claudia said...

Thanks Amy! I'm so glad the keynote was of interest. I enjoyed giving it to a room full of people with such similar missions. The conference, and meeting lovely people like you, was a winter highlight. The Milford Nature Center sounds fabulous. In hind sight, I wished I could have stayed for the whole conference. The sessions I did attend were very inspiring, so I received as much (more!) than I gave.

Looking forward to your book. I shall order it from our Indie Book store Prairie Lights. Enjoy your launch! And cheers for the comments.

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