Wednesday, December 19, 2012


All week, I've been trying to respond to Sandy Hook. I was still reeling over the shootings in Clackamas, Oregon, so close to where my family lives. And then last Friday's news. This one, I can't absorb. My drawing board has been as blank as I feel inside. I've avoided media, even my beloved npr, and tip-toed in and out of Facebook. Turning to nature comforts me, as it usually does. A good walk in Hickory Hill Park with a friend, cutting white pine for Christmas decoration, and staring into warming fires have all helped.  I hope you are finding your way, too.

Today, I did sit down and do a few sketches. I've been working on a theme of how other animals prepare for dangers and work together in times of crisis. All sorts of instinctual behaviors exist, some humans can relate to and should perhaps even mimic.

Take many types of game birds, like bobwhite or quail. When sleeping at night, a group will form circles, tails in, heads facing out. They can be alert all at once if something threatens. They can sleep assured, warm and connected. Nature gave me solace in this image. We are not alone in tragedy. We are all part of a covey. Let's come together as a community and work to prevent these terrible events.

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