Thursday, October 4, 2012

Cardinal and swamp white oak

Birds four and five! Cardinals and swamp white oak.

I learned a new tree yesterday. I literally worked outside on what may be one of the last warm days of fall. I set up at the picnic table and just drew and sketched. On a break I wandered around the garden a bit. I kept seeing these fallen leaves, broad and roughly shaped like an oak, but with lobes that were round and closely, evenly spaced. I couldn't quite i.d. them. They were so classic! I found the tree in our neighbor's yard. Definitely an oak, but what kind? No "fresh" acorns that I could find, so I googled the leaf shape and I think it's a swamp white oak. They're native to the midwest, and seem to thrive in dry, lowland sites where this one is, contrary to what you would think by it's name.

So, quercus bicolor, thanks for reminding me that nature is always surprising and teaching. You also gave my cardinals a place to hang out in this latest installment of a-bird-a-day.

Studio Outdoors
Swamp white oak; cute little lobes, huh?

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Julie Clay Illustration said...

missed this post, but it's just delightful to see you working away there, like the sketch book etc, nice to see :)

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