Thursday, September 20, 2012

My type of window dressing!

New Bo Books, located in the Czech Village area of Cedar Rapids, is a lovely and welcome newcomer for our regional community. Yes, I am a little bias about book shops. I love them. This one does seem special, like stumbling into a specialty shop of another era or world, akin to the thrill of entering one of the shops on Diagon Alley.  Not only can you find thoughtfully selected titles and a cozy place to browse, but the Elegance of Place is so pleasing. It's diminutive size only sharpens your experience.  There is a coffee shop and cafe a stone's throw from the door. In October, a space for a market place will be completed across the street. There are new eateries and other businesses cropping up all around. And CSPS (short for the historic Czech-Slovak Protective Society), an active arts and performance hall, shares the romanesque, turn-of-last century building where New Bo is located. The Czech and Slovak National Museum is only 5 minutes away (and right now has a couple of stunning exhibits on Alfonse Mucha's work and an international children's book illustrator show). Truly, this part of town is rising it's phoenix, after the devastating floods of 2008.

Currently at New Bo, check out their seasonal window display of much charm. Used books have been transformed into pumpkins, twists of typed pages into leaves. It's a work of art unto itself. Here's some images and please notice what picture book is poking out of the bag, being scrutinized by the paper bird!

From recycled word to pumpkin
"A Woodland Counting Book" is honored to be included in the dressings!


Julie Clay Illustration said...

Love the new banner, gorgeous colours and birdies. That window display is fantastic, absolutely ingenoius, and your book peeping out, what a thrill! It looks sort of folksy/ Czech. They have some magical tales those folks, I remember the'Singing Ringing Tree' on TV when I was little, many moons ago, it was something quite strange and yet magical!! How nice to have this place nearby. :) when you going to do that tutorial?

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful display...made all the more so with your book spicing up the scape! Hope your autumn is coming on as wonderfully as you wish.

pivka :-)

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