Friday, August 17, 2012

Catbird sings of the new school year

School started back yesterday and I am slowly reclaiming my studio time again.

Today, I listened to a full morning of npr while shaping up my work space. I read a few new picture books checked out from the library. I ate a solo, uncomplicated lunch out in the garden. I finished the black and white ink work en plein air (outside!) on this catbird piece (it has sat on my drawing board since June, half done). Catbird has been meowing at me all summer to draw him from his river birch perch. I'll color later.

I miss our newly annointed eighth grader! But I am content. She is where she needs to be and so am I. Meow.


Anonymous said...

Your catbird is beautiful! Hang in there through this summer-to-autumn transition time, especially with your newly minted 8th grader heading back into the primordial teenage soup. Pumpkin warmth soon awaits you.

Love you,

The Naked Eye ;-)

Claudia said...

Primordial teenage soup- I loveth this! Speaking of soups of another developmental flavor, I hope both your kiddos are ready for their new school years, too!

(_) back to you...

Anonymous said...

Indeed, college awaits my duo. Morgan made her first casserole, now that she's in her apartment and off the dorm dole. I need to send her a recipe for chicken noodle, that's for sure! Mikah is chomping at the bit to move to Ellensburg.You know the gig.

Your latest installation at the clinic is fabulous, by the way. You're such a rock star.

Bis spater!

Julia Kelly said...

Love it and congrats on reclaiming your studio time- i have this week and then back to teaching art 15 hours a week- but the rest is my time in my studio- fingers crossed!

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