Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Illustrations in giant full bloom!

Last summer, I worked on a project that involved many illustrations from the Tallgrass Prairie ABC book, and new ones, too. Now this work is part of the main lobby and children's area exhibits in a new natural history museum in Manhattan, Kansas. The Flint Hills Discovery Center opened it's door April 14th, and now interprets the beautiful native prairie (similar to our own Iowa Tallgrass) in a lovely, spacious facility. My work was enlarged into a big mural. You can see it on the mezzanine that surrounds the lobby. Don't let 8 foot-high Greater prairie chickens scare you off!

Here's a photo of the mural taken by Kansan studio Szel Photography. It's the first I've seen of the finished interior. Looks fabulous! I can' t wait to go down in early summer to see the place in person.

Thanks to the Szels for letting me post their photo:

More information on the new Center:


Julie Clay Illustration said...

WOWEEEEE how fabulous is that, it looks amazing, is it 3D? Gosh you must be thrilled because it looks mighty impressive. Well done you :)

Claudia said...

Hi ya! It 'twas a nice big project! I've always loved museums and I got lucky that the exhbit design company thought my work would fit in. They staggered my flat illos so they look 3-D. I was pretty excited to see it in it's finished form.

We are lucky as illustrators- one never knows what job is around the corner.

Hope you've had a nice day!

Jackie Briggs Martin said...

That's incredible. Just beautiful!

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