Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!

Monday will be the beginning of the Chinese New Year. It's the Year of the Dragon. I'm calling this my official New Year because I missed the whole front end of January and I have a need to start afresh.

The Chinese New Year is celebrated for the next two weeks. Some things I plan to do: 1) Greet my family with wishes of health 2) Give money in red envelopes 3) Eat cool foods (oranges are traditional; if you get a sweet one, then you are lucky in love) 5) Parade with lanterns on the 15th day.

An animal symbolizes each year under the Chinese calendar. What animal were you born under? I'm a rabbit- I'm supposed to be creative, kind and sensitive- I try to live up to this!


Julie Clay Illustration said...

Happy Chinese New Year to you too. I am a pig......? Not sure what this says about me? I think I am friendly? If you know, let me know, or I could look it up :)

Claudia said...

According to my source (there were so many on-line, I was afraid to link to one), Those Born in the Year of the Pig: Honest, loyal, sincere, and expect others to be the same! You would be well received here in Iowa- the pig is revere.

Claudia said...

That is, the pig is revered!

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