Tuesday, September 6, 2011

An Honorary Minnesotan Illustrator for a Day

Minnesotans are a great bunch. All that natural rough-hewn beauty inspires their creative souls to carve out wonderful stories and images. I'm happy to be included in their literature family this weekend at the 12th Annual Celebration of Minnesota Children's Book Authors and Illustrators at the Anderson Center in Red Wing. The link below has the details, but it looks like a full day to enjoy and connect with children's books in all forms. Presentations and illustrator slide shows begin at 12 noon. My talk is at 3:30 pm with author Anne Ylvisaker- a real Minnesotan! Anne's the reason I'm part of the festivities, as we collaborated on the little baptism book last year. Check it out if you are up north! The Red Balloon Book Shop will be on hand with plenty of children's book to take home, too.


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